Medical Staffing

Traditional Medical Staffing:

Med1Care offers an industry unique opportunity to our employees and clients alike.  We have the flexibility of contingent scheduling coupled with the demand for full time opportunity.  Whether you are interested in working 4 hours per month or 40 hours per week we have opportunities that will satisfy your needs and more!  Med1Care employees have the luxury of setting their own schedules!  Simply tell us when, where, and for what type of assignment you are available and we do the rest.

medical staffing

Med1Care employees command excellent wages, benefit packages, flexible schedules, innovative technology, and diverse employment opportunities.  Our clients have come to expect the best practitioners in their field when they call Med1Care, we are only looking for employees who can meet those expectations!

Specialty Staffing:

Med1Care offers a variety of specialty staffing services, from physicians’ offices, to flu vaccinations, educational seminars, clinical instruction, or wellness clinics our nurses have the opportunity to diversify their scope of practice.