Physical Therapy

Med1Care offers Physical Therapy services that offer proactive solutions to prevent injury or provide help during recovery. Our goal is to assist clients with their daily tasks, while making activities easier and less painful.

Med1Care offers in-home Physical Therapy services that are coordinated by our Director of Nursing and in conjunction with the frequencies established by your physician. A licensed Physical Therapist will come to your home and evaluate your need for services. A written plan will be established and a schedule will be set to reach your objectives.

Physical Therapy may include pain relief, range of motion exercises, balance training and assessment, endurance, strength training exercises, regular therapeutic exercise, and even fall risk assessments. The safety of our clients in their homes is our number one concern! The staff of Med1Care is specifically trained to recognize potential safety hazards or fall risks. They will assess the safety of the home and make recommendations for improvement when needed. (Examples are raised seats or arms for toileting, grab bars in showers, removal of rugs, etc)