Occupational Therapy

Med1Care Occupational Therapy services include assisting children with learning disabilities in school and social settings, helping people recovering from injury to obtain the skill level they had once obtained and providing aid for older adults suffering physical and intellectual changes.

Med1Care offers in-home Occupational Therapy services that are coordinated by Director of Nursing and in conjunction with the frequencies established by your physician. A licensed Occupational Therapist will come to your home and evaluate your need for services. A written plan will be established and a schedule will be set to reach your objectives.

Occupational Therapy is designed to highlight what activities are important to our clients and focuses on what needs to happen to allow effective resumption of those activities. In some instances it involves changing how the activity itself is performed, in other instances we focus on the environment or person involved in the activity. Our goal is to give our clients the independence they desire to achieve their goals.