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Home Health Care Perrysburg OH - Learn How to Become a CNA

Learn How to Become a CNA

Becoming a certified nursing assistant, also called a CNA, is a rewarding career path. But if you don’t know anyone who has done this, you might not be sure just how to become a CNA yourself. Home Health Care Perrysburg OH - Learn How to Become a CNA The Basics of Being a Certified Nursing Assistant Certified nursing assistants interact with patients a great deal. You might find that your duties as a CNA range from helping a patient with a sponge [...]

Home Health Care Tiffin OH - What Is a CNA?

What Is a CNA?

Certified nursing assistants, commonly called CNA's, are a huge part of the patient care process throughout the medical community. They have a wide range of job duties and functions, including hands-on patient assistance. Home Health Care Tiffin OH - What Is a CNA? A CNA Works with the Entire Healthcare Team Certified nursing assistants work with registered nurses, LPNs, and doctors within a medical facility. Some of the types of facilities that CNA's work in could include hospitals, doctor’s offices, home health [...]


3 Things You Should Know Before Signing up for STNA Classes

All That You Wanted to Know About CNA Classes At Med1Care, we offer STNA classes for people interested in jobs as nursing assistants. Individuals who plan to work at a nursing home or hospital, or those looking to provide in-home healthcare at assisted living facilities and adult health centers, love our classes. Basically, an STNA is required wherever there’s a need for personal care. If you’re interested in signing up for STNA classes, here are a few things you must [...]


3 Things You’ll Learn During Your Time As A Home Health Aide

The healthcare industry is one of the largest in our country. It is constantly growing and always needs more dedicated and passionate individuals to join in and help out. Home healthcare is a subset of that massive umbrella, and it currently employs about 2.5 million professionals. If you're thinking of joining the ranks and becoming a state tested nursing assistant (STNA), there is a number of things you'll learn during your time training -- and we don't just mean [...]


Why It’s Important to Take CPR Classes This Summer

Accidents are inevitable, yet there are simple ways to prepare for life's worst case scenarios. Knowing CPR can help you save the life of a loved one or total stranger in an unexpected situation. And since it’s summer, there are many great reasons why you should learn how to perform CPR. You don't have to be a lifeguard or teacher to benefit from CPR training. And since modern CPR techniques have changed in recent years, everyone can benefit from this [...]


FAQ: What Are CNAs and How Do You Become One?

Do you want to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) (STNA in Ohio) and transition into a career as a full-time home health care aide? Before you can find work in this field, you first need to have the right training and certification. Anyone with a passion for helping others and a work ethic to match can become a Certified Nursing Assistant; however, not everyone knows where to start.   Med1Care provides aspiring healthcare workers with the skills and training they [...]


Why Your Clinic Should Use an STNA Staffing Agency

Regardless if you’re working for a small or large primary or home care clinic, a State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) staffing agency can make a world of difference. While you deal with trying to keep up with your patients, it can be hard to keep up with regular business duties. That’s where an STNA staffing agency comes in handy. Want to know a few of their benefits? Let’s take a look. Reduce the Number of Interviews You Need to Conduct As of [...]


Best Practices For Safely Using A Patient Lift

When used correctly, patient lifts can help move patients from one place to another, be it a bed to a bath or from a chair to a stretcher. They are designed to aid nurses and nurse assistants, particularly when dealing with patients who are immobile. They also help nurses avoid injuring themselves while moving patients. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nursing profession ranked in the top five for musculoskeletal disorders. While there are a lot of [...]