What You Have to Do to Be an STNA

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What You Have to Do to Be an STNA

If you’ve decided to become an STNA, or a State Tested Nursing Assistant, you might think it’s a long and complicated process. The path to becoming an STNA doesn’t have to be long and difficult, though. You just need to complete these steps.

Find a Training Program and Complete Your Courses

The very first step in becoming an STNA is to find a state-accredited training program. You’ll want to look for one that has classes when you have the availability to be there. Unless you’re taking online classes, you’ll have to be there in person and meet the requirements of the training program. Keep in mind that the program you choose may have some prerequisites of its own for you to meet before you can begin taking classes.

Take and Pass the Written Test

After you pass your training program, you’re going to need to apply for and pass the certification test. This test is a written test and it’s timed. You’ll have to know and comprehend the information you learned in your training program and be able to pull that information back out of your memory banks. You’ll be tested on everything you’ve learned from basic skills involved in nursing all the way through communicating with patients and respecting patient rights.

Take and Pass the Skills Test

The skills test is a required part of your STNA certification, but it’s a separate part of the overall certification test. This is where you’ll show that you not only know but can perform the skills that are going to be a necessary part of your job as an STNA. These skills might be hand washing, denture care or even making a bed. There are 25 different skills that the examiner will pull from during your test. You’ll need to know all of them and you’ll need to demonstrate five of them properly. Everyone will be asked to demonstrate proper hand washing technique and then you’ll have to demonstrate four other randomly selected tasks.

Get Confirmation You’re an STNA and Apply for Jobs

Once you’ve passed your certification test, you’re officially a State Tested Nursing Assistant. The state will add you to the Nurse Aide Registry, which allows you to tell prospective employers that you’re an STNA. You might already know where you want to work, which makes the job seeking process a little easier. If you haven’t decided what environment you want to work in yet you can choose from a wide range of different places like nursing homes, hospitals, or smaller clinics.

Becoming an STNA is easy with the right training and dedication. It also opens the door to an amazing array of nursing careers and other professions within the medical field.

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