Four Requirements to Become an STNA in Ohio

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Four Requirements to Become an STNA in Ohio

State tested nursing assistants are in demand, mainly because they can work in so many different health care environments. Becoming an STNA involves making sure that you have the necessary training and that you complete a set list of requirements.

There Are Some Things the Training Program Requires

Not all of the prerequisites you have to meet are a result of the state deciding what you need to do. Some of the requirements you encounter are something that the school you elect to attend for your training feels are important for you to meet before you start their program. Some may want you to be above a specific age, for instance, or already have your high school diploma or GED. There may be other requirements, too, so make sure that you ask before you commit to attending a specific program.

Immunizations and a Physical

The state does require you to take a physical exam. You can do this at your regular doctor’s office. You will also need to be able to show that you’ve gotten the required immunizations, which are all of the standard vaccinations and also ones for hepatitis B, chicken pox, and meningitis, among others. The school may also require other health tests, like a TB skin test.

Passing a Background Check

The state may not require a background check, but the odds are high that your school of choice will. This is usually because you’ll be working directly with patients during your required clinical hours. Employers are also going to require background checks, so this is a good chance to see if there are any problems you need to be aware of so that you can get them corrected.

Complete a Training Program and Pass the State Exam

The biggest requirement to become an STNA is of course to complete a training program and then pass the exam that the state requires. You’ll have classroom hours of instruction as well as clinical hours, where you work directly with patients to show that you understand what you’re learning. After you successfully complete your training, then it’s time to schedule your exam and take the test. You’ll find out fairly quickly whether you’ve passed or not.

This list may seem like a lot for you to do or to make sure you’ve already got under your belt, but it’s all important. Being a State Tested Nursing Assistant is an important job and being as prepared as possible for that job is going to help more than you realize.

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