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3 FAQs About In-Home Healthcare

Who pays for the services? Is the healthcare aide trustworthy? These and other questions about in-home healthcare are ones we get asked a lot. 3 Common Questions About In-Home Healthcare If you or a loved one is recovering from hospitalization, or if there’s a need for long-term care, in-home healthcare can make the transition to a normal life easier and quicker. You can work with an in-home care agency to chart out an individualized plan that’s suited to fit your lifestyle [...]


3 Ways That In-Home Healthcare Can Help

How Does In-Home Healthcare Help with Speedy Recovery for Patients? It is not uncommon for patients to feel lost and anxious. They’re concerned about some of the simplest yet basic facts. How much and when should I walk? When can I have a bath? What to do if there’s pain or if I’m unwell? Since emotions are contagious, the primary caregiver often has to bear the burden of the patient’s anxiety. Yet we have plenty of evidence to prove that [...]

Caregiver Toledo OH - Is it Possible to Share the Workload of Caregiving?

Is it Possible to Share the Workload of Caregiving?

So often caregivers do the lion’s share of what needs to be done because they just feel as if that’s what they need to do. You might also feel as if you don’t have the help or the support that you need. That might be true, but there could be other options available to you to fill in those blanks. Caregiver Toledo OH - Is it Possible to Share the Workload of Caregiving? Determine Who Can Help Do a brainstorming exercise where [...]

Senior Care Findlay Ohio: Keeping Seniors Hydrated

Four Ways to Keep Your Senior Better Hydrated

If your senior isn’t drinking enough fluids, she’s at a much greater risk of dehydration. It’s not always easy to convince someone to drink more fluids, but you might be closer to success than you thought you were at first. You need to first get an idea how much she really is drinking and how close to dehydrated she is.  Get an Accurate Count of How Much Fluid Is Enough  Senior Care Findlay Ohio: Keeping Seniors Hydrated There’s a prevailing belief that everyone needs a [...]


3 Things You Should Know Before Signing up for STNA Classes

All That You Wanted to Know About CNA Classes At Med1Care, we offer STNA classes for people interested in jobs as nursing assistants. Individuals who plan to work at a nursing home or hospital, or those looking to provide in-home healthcare at assisted living facilities and adult health centers, love our classes. Basically, an STNA is required wherever there’s a need for personal care. If you’re interested in signing up for STNA classes, here are a few things you must [...]


The Need for In-Home Healthcare

Why Do People Need Transitional In-Home Healthcare Modern medicine and its army of anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, and anti-viral medicines often encourage people to misjudge the time it takes for the body to heal itself. Thanks to the fast-paced times we’re now living in, convalescence seems to be a lost art. To the inexperienced, this refers to the gradual process of recovering from an illness or treatment – the transition from ‘not being sick any longer’ to feeling 100% healthy. But Are [...]